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With our award winning Cheetah DRS Series Router, PESA truly raises the bar for distributed routing systems. DRS is a full-featured 24 bit, 96 kHz routing system for audio and time code signals in a series of single rack unit frames. A true distributed routing system, DRS uses high-speed multiplexing technology for signal distribution, rather than a crosspoint matrix array. Each 1RU I/O frame provides 128 signal ports and can be located virtually anywhere in your facility. Systems are scalable from 64X64 up to 2048X2048. Most system interconnections are made using common CAT5E cable and standard RJ-45 connectors; and in most configurations, full redundancy of every link in the router system is possible.

In broadcast, production studio and large mobile studio applications, DRS brings input signal ports in close proximity to audio sources such as satellite receivers, live production suites or servers; while output ports can be located close to audio consoles, master control rooms and post-production facilities. With DRS, audio and time code signals are easily available anywhere you need them.

With DRS unique signal processing technology, complex and cumbersome wiring schemes and cable routing are a thing of the past - and less complex wiring requirements with fewer cables keep signal quality high - saving time and money in both installation and maintenance. Whatever you application, DRS distributed routing technology will dramatically reduce the complexity of your audio set-up.

At the heart of every DRS configuration is a Data Exchange Engine, or DXE frame, where the actual signal routing function takes place. Each DXE can interface with up to 8 input or output frames ‚Äď up to a total of 512 inputs and 512 outputs. The DXE and its associated signal I/O frames are called a channel group. Packetized data is routed over a gigabit Ethernet network between signal frames through the DXE to deliver desired input signals to desired output connections. Frame-to-DXE cable lengths may be up to 100 meters using CAT5E cable.

Systems expanded beyond 512 inputs or outputs can easily be configured by adding additional channel groups. Expanded DRS installations may contain up to four channel groups, with individual DXE frames interconnected by fiber optic cable, for a system maximum of 2048 inputs and 2048 outputs.

Signal I/O frames (audio and time code) are the entry and exit points for signals routed through the DRS. Several audio frame variants are available to easily accommodate virtually any router requirement. Each 1RU audio frame provides 128 audio channels, available as all input channels or all output channels; or as a split frame available as two banks of input channels, allowing up to 64 inputs each of AES and analog in the same frame. Other split frame variants allow up to 64 outputs each of AES and analog audio, or 64 input ports and 64 output ports of the same or mixed signal types. Time code frames are available as dedicated input or output frames, and each frame supports 64 time code signals. Signal I/O frames are available with your choice of BNC, ELCO or 6-pin pluggable external signal connectors.



Distributed routing between signal frames

Simplified wiring schemes and cabling requirements

128 I/O signals in a 1 RU frame

Choice of external signal connector types

Scalable from 64X64 up to 2048X2048

In-field expansion capability

Signal transport via Gig-E Ethernet

Full Dolby-E support

Allows simultaneous routing of AES and analog audio, embedded, MADI and time code signals

Allows mix of synchronous and asynchronous signals

Digital signal processing (DSP) on all audio input and output signals

- Gain adjustment

- Delay

- L/R Summing

- L/R Swapping

- AES pair breakaway

Internal signal generator can insert a test signal into any audio output channel you select from the following available test signals:

- Audio silence

- Steady and sweep test tones

- White noise

- Pink noise







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