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CATops screen and AV system


CATops is a compact, rapid deployable A/V package that brings prompt command and control capabilities to Military Units, Disaster Relief Centers and First Responders.


PESA’s Mobile C4ISR platform for audio and video distribution offer operators the ability to connect multiple video inputs and display the images over large screen display systems or any number of individual displays. Video output displays are managed through a front panel pushbutton interface or through PESA’s integrated CATOPS™ CCSS Control Software. The complete system is mounted inside a rugged, transportable and weather resistant case. Interface connections are located on the rear panel for quick access.


 The CATOPS™ Video Distribution Units (VDU) is based on the latest industry standards for high definition broadcast and along with the Vidblox™ Processing Modules (VPM) common operational and tactical picture images can be shared from a wide range of sources over the same VDU infrastructure. High resolution workstation displays are becoming more commonplace in military, training, and aerospace applications but it is also necessary to integrate legacy RGB video, NTSC/PAL camera inputs and audio sources alongside newer formats such as DVI and HDMI.


CATOPS™ was designed to meet the needs for interoperability, size, weight, and power effectiveness. This lightweight and easy deployable system can be used to support a wide range of mobile command and control environments such as military, law enforcement, defense, emergency/disaster management, tactical security operations and remote field C2 shelters. Using the latest technology for video distribution and real-time video performance, the CATOPS™ CCSS system can be setup and operational within minutes. Systems can be offered in several configurations supporting multiple displays and projection systems. Typical video distribution configurations start at an 8 input and 8 output system with the ability to expand up to 28 inputs supporting up to four large screen displays. Output connections for projection systems can be VGA, DVI, or extended over coax or fiber to a remote Vidblox™ 3G-SL extender for video playout or forensic recording.


PESA has partnered with AVKM, LLC to support the large screen display units. These preconfigured  and easily deployed large display screen systems can support multiple sizes ranging from 60” to 100” wide and can accommodate all major projector aspect ratios up to WUXGA (1920X1200). The lightweight, foldable and easy to set up black aluminum screen frame installs in minutes with its patented cantilevered floating mount projector attachments. Options include leg extensions and integrated camera mounts for VTC configurations.


For maximum video display analysis, each CATOPS™ CCSS includes at least one quad view video processor. The PRO-QV4VP is an advanced video processor commonly used in multimedia presentations. For TOC and COC environments, it is idea for applications where up to four video images must be displayed on a single projector or monitor. The PRO-QV4VP can output simultaneously to a VGA or DVI device and with the advanced software GUI, images can be moved or positioned to whatever size you want. Up to five preset displays settings can be set or with the integrated switcher, any one of the four inputs can be set to full screen.  Up to four PRO-QV4VP video processors can be configured with the CATOPS™ CCSS.



Small size, less weight, less power (SWaP) Fully compliant with DISA standards

Supporting either 8, 16 or 28 input devices - standard

Supports VGA, DVI or Serial Digital (SDI) outputs

Interconnects based on coax or optional fiber optic cabling

Reduce or fully eliminate hum noise normally found in CAT 5 systems

Supports full bandwidth up to WUXGA (1920X1200)

Viewing area for 4:3 or 16:10 formats

Lightweight 1” square aluminum projection system support frame

Supports one to four large screen projection systems

Easy upgrade path with interoperative components & tech refresh

Compatible with analog and digital video devices

Local pushbutton control or configurable from a remote PC

Based on common COTS video and audio equipment

Simple setup and operation

Modular system for quick deployment and upgrade paths

Built-in 10/100 network switch with 24 ports

Bluray/HDMI  sources  



 CATOPS 8X4 Front and Rear




CATOPS 16X12 Front and Rear




CATOPS 28X12 Front  and Rear View














CATOPS Typical Connection Diagram






Product Brochure: CATops Rapid Deployment AV System 








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