PESA Live Streaming Media Viewing Environment

A New Angle on Live Entertainment/Sports


Live Multiviewer Streaming App

Have you ever attended a live event such as a ballgame, concert, or graduation & wished you could control your experience from multiple
vantage points? Now you can with PESA XSTREAM Live!

PESA XSTREAM Live is a streaming app for iOS and Android devices that works with the PESA XSTREAM family of hardware and software to
allow users to select between different video sources to watch during a live event. The PESA XSTREAM hardware takes a variety of input
sources and streams out a unique quad screen that is viewed and controlled by the PESA XSTREAM Live application.

Sports venues, stadiums, arenas, concert halls, and all places that host live entertainment can now package and create new services to
enhance the spectator experience. Owners, operators, and managers of these events can recognize new revenue streams from app
advertisements/announcements about special offers to their VIP fans.

Enhance LIVE Events



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