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PESA’s line of X/Y remote control panels includes a full range of features to accommodate virtually any user requirements. Most panels can be configured for single bus or full X-Y control, making them extremely user friendly; and all panels in the series are completely programmable through the system controller GUI application. LCD displays are easy to read and provide the user with a direct readout of switching status. Our X/Y range of panels can be configured to work with multiple levels of control; depending on the size of the router and the number of levels of control. Panels come in either 1RU or 2RU.

RCP X/Y panels can initiate LOCK or PROTECT functions directly from the panel. The LOCK feature prohibits changes to the selected destination and the PROTECT feature allows a panel to set-up exclusive use of a destination. The panels also support a source, destination, and salvo limiting control feature, permitting the user to configure the panel so as to allow or deny access to selected router sources. Power is provided from a standard 9VDC wall plug.  Standard function keys include PRESET, LEVEL, DESTINATION, SALVO, TAKE, and CHOP.

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