Ocelot Wideband 16X16

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Wideband RGB/RGBHV 16×16
The 400MHz 16×16 Ocelot wide bandwidth router provides optimum performance in critical environments such as commercial monitor walls, command and control rooms, flight simulators, network reliability centers, and more.  This higher bandwidth preserves crisp and vivid images for high-resolution computer display formats beyond 1920×1080 (HDTV).


  • Supports wideband analog video of up to 400MHz
  • Supports component video RGB, RGBs, RGBHV, HDTV, and other wideband signals
  • Supports VGA up to QXGA resolutions for display devices up to 2048x1536Supports wideband analog video of up to 400MHz


Serial Digital Video Module Specifications


Connector Type Standard BNC (one per input or output)
Impedance 75 Ohm
Return Loss >40dB to 5MHz; >15dB to 250MHz
Equalization SMPTE 259M – 300m; SMPTE 292M – 100m
SMPTE 424M – 80m
Based on Belden 1694a or equal
Level 800mVpp+/-10%
Digital Signal Performance Specifications


Rise/Fall Time 0.6 ns, +/- 100ps (20-80%) into 75 Ohms
Alignment Jitter < 0.2UI p-p, per SMPTE259M
Timing Jitter <0.2UI p-p
Power Consumption 8×8: 8.8W nominal
16×16: 15.9 W nominal


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