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8×8 DVI Matrix Switcher

PESA’s PRO-8X8-DVI is an 8 input and 8 output DVI matrix switcher for DVI-D resolutions from 640X480@60Hz to 1920X1200@60Hz including all HDTV resolutions for720p and 1080p. Based on the DVI DDWG 1.0 standard for single link, the PRO-8X8-DVI allows any source to be displayed on multiple monitors at the same time. The PRO-8X8-DVI contains default EDID and learns the EDID from each display connected.

The user switches the panels from a local push button selection, an IR remote, or from an RS-232 control interface. Housed in a compact 1RU high chassis, the PRO-8X8-DVI can be table mounted or rack mounted with the included mounting ears. The unit is supplied with a remote control for IR settings and a CD with setup software.

• Supports up to WUXGA (1920X1200@60Hz)
• Matrix Switching for up to 8 DVI Inputs and 8 DVI Outputs
• Supports Video Input for 480p / 720p /1080p
• Built-in RS-232 for External Control via PC or Controller
• Fast Response time: 2-5 seconds for channel switching
• 19” Rack Mountable
• Flexible EDID Management

Technical Specification
Compliant with DDWG 1.0 (1999)
Number of Inputs- 8 DVI-D ( 29 pin female)
Number of Outputs-  8 DVI-D ( 29 pin female)
Video Bandwidth Singlelink (165MHz)
Video Resolutions VGA (640X480) up to WUXGA (1920X1200)
1680X1050p @60Hz ( 16:9)
1920X1200p @60Hz ( 16:9)
720p and 1080p ( HDTV)
EDID EDID emulation and learning mode
Control Options RS-232, USB, or 3.5mm for IR
Front panel pushbutton

17.00 ( 440mm ) X 7.90 (200mm) X 1.70 (44mm)
Weight 5.9lbs / 2675g
Power AC Power 100-240V
Power Consumption 60W max.
Operating Temperature 0-40 C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60 C
Relative Humidity 20-90% RH ( non-condensing)

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