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The QuadBox 4X4

Fiber Mini-Switch Package (QuadBox 4X4 FMS) for 3G-SDI high definition video is a unique fiber transport package for HD broadcast, post-production and portable flypacks. The QuadBox package includes a 4X4 switcher module, four in-line transmitter media conversion extenders for coax to fiber and four in-line receiver media extenders for fiber to coax conversion. The bundled package allows up to four independent sources to be switched as far away as 10Km. Modules can be configured for high definition video transport where only a small amount of shared video sources will be distributed long distances and need to be controlled over a network system.

These units offer low power consumption while maintaining high reliability, quality performance, and superior long distance signal transmission demanded in applications such as digital cinema, telemedicine, satellite imaging, military command centers and simulation/visualization environments. Ideal for compact, low maintenance installations, the QuadBox 4X4 FMS easily fits in out-of-the way locations, while the ruggedized miniature fiber converters are a direct fit to BNC connections on video equipment such as routers, servers, cameras, or displays.  For applications where fixed rack mounting is preferred, the QuadBox 4X4 switcher module is designed to easily mount in an optional 1RU power distribution frame. Up to four switcher modules can be mounted in a 1RU rackbframe; each powered from a single power source integrated to the frame.

The integrated 4X4 crosspoint switch is a fully independent non-blocking architecture supporting SMPTE and DVB/ASI standards. Each QuadBox 4X4 FMS switcher provides four I/O ports, and each port is fully compatible with SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M video signal sources -with or without embedded audio.  All inputs are auto-equalized; and each signal is auto-sensed and re-clocked to the appropriate transport stream. For non-standard formats, the re-clocking circuitry can be set to by-pass mode.  It can handle signal formats from 143Mbps up to 3Gbps. Automatic cable equalization allows typical cable lengths up to 300 meters at 270Mbps and 80 meters at 3Gbps.

In addition to a simple and logical mini-USB control interface, the QuadBox Mini-Switchers include an RJ-45 control port for optional network control and management.  PESA’s QuadBox 4X4 FMS supports the flexible and user friendly Cattrax signal management and diagnostic control systems.  All I/O ports can be monitored using the supplied Cattrax Cub (USB only) software to detect fiber signal power, temperature, and determine if the video source is locked to SDI, HD, or 3G formats. The optional Cattrax software is installed on a host PC running the Windows® operating system and can communicate with multiple QuadBox modules via the Ethernet port.

In addition to the QuadBox

4X4 FMS, PESA offers a similar  SD/HD/3G switcher for copper (BNC ports). Supporting all the same features, the copper version provides similar performance supporting distances of 80m using broadcast quality coax cabling.


  • 4 inputs and 4 outputs per module
  • Low power consumption for superb energy efficiency
  • SDI/HD/3G data rates from 143Mbps to 3Gbps
  • Connect with either singlemode or multimode fiber cable
  • Small footprint allows easy installation for desk or rack mount applications
  • Network interface for control and diagnostics
  • Modules available with fiber or coax I/O ports
  • Cattrax USB software included
  • Optional Cattrax Network software available


Inputs/Outputs for Fiber
Connector Type Dual Optical SFP (small form factor pluggable).  Compliance with ITU-T G.957
Connector Style LC
Input Data Rates 143 Mbps to 1.5Gbps – ASI/SD/HD;      143 Mbps to 3.0Gbps – SD/HD/3G
Optical Input wavelength Singlemode ( 1310 optimal)
Input Power -20dBm (min);   -1dBm (max)
Output Data Rates 143 Mbps to 3.0Gbps.  Auto reclocking to SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M.
Bypass mode – 143Mb to 3Gbps
Output Power -9dBm (min); -3dBm (max)
Optical Loss Budget Approx. 9dB assumes two optical connections over a 10Km singlemode fiber
Jitter < 0.2UI, p-p, SMPTE 259M, 292M; <0.3UI, p-p, SMPTE 424M compliant with RP-184
Fiber Transmission Specifications IEC 61754-20-1
Typical Operating Distances 9/125u ( 10Km / 6.25 miles); 50/125u (400m / 1200 feet); 62.5/125u (200m / 600feet)

NOTE: Operating distances are approximate only. Cable loss and other interconnects can affect the total light loss between a TX and RX path.  These are only estimates and may not reflect the actual lengths achievable.

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