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RCP-GPI-JS-featuresPESA’s RCP-GPI/JS (General Purpose Input/Joystick) is a 32 position, multi-programmable control panel that may be operated as a standard remote control panel from the front panel pushbuttons, or may be operated by remote contact closures through the General Purpose Input (GPI) connectors on the rear panel. The panel stores up to 4 pages of 32 button assignments, for a total of 128 possible pushbutton selections. Configuration for remote contact operation is easily accomplished through the System Controller GUI application. You may configure the panel to latch remote closures through the GPI ports, or to momentarily select a source when configured for joystick operation. Pushbut- ton assignments are easily accessible allowing quick button-per-source switch- ing with Lock/Protect feature. An easy to read LCD display provides backlit readout of Preset, Program and Preview status. The RCP-GPI/JS panel may be used with either the 64 or 128 position expansion panel to add additional programmable source selection capability. The 32 pushbuttons are relegend- able with LED backlighting in each for ease of reading in low light situations.

– RCPGPI: Control panel for local and remote GPI operation with power supply for 90-240VAC*
– RCPJS: Control panel for local and remote Joystick operation with power supply for 90-240VAC*.

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