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RCP-MP32D-featuresThe MP32D is a 32 position, multi-programmable control panel that stores up to 4 pages of 32 button assignments, for a total of 128 possible pushbutton selections. Pushbutton assign- ments are easily accessible allowing quick button-per-source switching with Lock/Protect feature. An easy to read LCD display provides backlit readout of Preset, Program and Preview status. The RCP-MP32D may be used with either the 64 or 128 position expansion panel to add additional program- mable source selection capability. The 32 pushbuttons are relegendable with LED backlighting in each for ease of reading in low light situations.

– RCPMP32D: Control panel and power supply for 90-240VAC*

*Models Available with UK or European Style Power Supply for 190-240VAC Contact Your PESA Representative

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