Vidblox 3G-NE (RX)

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PESA’s Vidblox 3G-NE coax and fiber optic extender is a receiver module that accepts a 3G-SDI data stream over a signal cable and converts it to a DVI or component video output signal – including stereo audio. Using the latest in high end video technology, you can be assured of excellent high resolution computer images. Resolutions up to 1920X1200, including 1080p/60, can be accepted from the input source.

The PESA Vidblox 3G-NE is part of a wide range of extenders and conversion gear designed specifically for high resolution content and ultra-high quality computer imagery. In addition to being compact and simple to mount, these units are perfect for secure applications such as government, military and medical environments where immunity to signal interference is critical.

• Accepts 1080p/60 or 50 input formats over fiber or copper
• Output single link DVI, VGA, and stereo audio
• Inputs over BNC or SFP fiber module
• Resolutions up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA), including HDTV 1080p/60
• EDID emulation for a large number of VESA compliant displays
• Supports multimode or singlemode fiber cable
• Industry standard LC fiber connector
• Uses Industry Standard SMPTE 424M transport
• Compact package allows up to 4 units in a 2RU space
• External universal power supply included

Vidblox 3G-NE supports both multimode fiber and single mode fiber. With multimode, distances up to 600m can be achieved using 50/125 cable. Singlemode can support long-range transmission up to 10km making Vidblox perfect for facilities such as campus environments, stadiums, or multi-floor buildings.

The 3G-NE de-embeds auxiliary audio to an unbalanced stereo audio output. Also included on the input transport video from a NE-3G transmitter is resolution-format data allowing each unit to properly communicate specific resolutions and format data received. Each 3G-NE can be controlled and configured using a local USB port. A wide range of adjustments and calibration features are available through Cattrax Cub allowing output scaling, test pattern setup, audio muting, and a large array of signal measurements for fiber and coax inputs.

Up to four Vidblox receiver modules can be mounted in an available 2RU tray. With PESA’s exclusive 4-gang power distribution module, up to four units can be powered from the same AC power brick.

Model Description PartNumber
VIDBLOX Media extender, 1080p60 to DVI, VGA or RGB (coax) VIDBLOX-3G-NE-C
VIDBLOX Media extender, 1080p60 to DVI, VGA or RGB (fiber) VIDBLOX-3G-NE-F

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